Broadcast SIM 2.0

New SIM. New Portal. New Features.

We are excited to unveil our new and improved Broadcast SIM. We’ve been pushing the technology forward and we're proud to announce our new portal, our new SIM and the controls that make Broadcast SIM the market leader.

Meet Broadcast SIM

Say Hello to your global broadcasting buddy!

Broadcast SIM allows you to connect to 900 networks in more than 185 countries around the world and gain access to unrestricted 3G/4G data connections, all from a single SIM card.

Yes, you read that right! One SIM, 900 Networks.

You no longer have to swap out SIMs per country and deal with the headache of multiple SIMs and invoices, giving you time to focus on what matters. Hallelujah!

One Sim, 185 countries.

Say Aurevoir to country borders!

Take Broadcast SIM with you globally and stream live to your audience without needing to swap SIM cards or reconfigure your hardware.

• Greater Reliability

2 - 4 networks per country ensure you’ll always have a data connection.

• Global Scalability

Cross country borders and access networks in over 185 countries with the same SIM.

Secure & Private APN

Broadcast SIMs use a private, dedicated broadcast APN - instead of public APNs for regular SIMs - to ensure a secured and stable M2M data connection. 

What about data limits?

Say goodbye to overage fees!

You may have noticed that we haven't mentioned anything about data limits. That's because there are none! That's right, none, zero, zilch, nada. 

With Broadcast SIM there is no data ceiling and you only pay for the data you use, allowing you to Broadcast from around the globe without having to worry about running out of data.*

*Monthly minimum commitment applies

SIMple Integration

Say farewell to incompatibility issues!

We feel your pain. Constantly having to troubleshoot your devices whenever you enter a new region is frustrating. That's why we made sure that Broadcast SIM plays nicely with all industry standard hardware and news gathering software. 

Start streaming in 3 simple steps:

Insert Broadcast SIM
Add our APN
Start Streaming

*These are only a few of the technologies we support. If you would like to be on this list, get in touch using the form below!






Private APN


Extra Fees

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