Frequently Asked Questions

What types of networks are available?

Broadcast SIM allows you to connect to a mix of 3G & 4G. Networks are multiple MNC's per local operator.


What speeds are typically obtained?

Data speeds average 11mbps with peaks and throughs as physical coverage differs - location, buildings, terrain etc


Are these data roaming SIMs?

To the local operator Broadcast SIM appears local while to the end users the benefits are that of a fully opened roam unrestricted (enterprise level) data access.


Is there a data ceiling?

Nope. None. Nada.


Other than the single APN, do you route traffic to your core network?

Our APN is hosted by our partner networks and hosted on the partner network’s edge and available on the edge cell towers for instant access. Routing is therefore hosted and channeled through the partner network at edge level while being globally propagated from our source data centre in Europe. This reduces latency and provides redundancy on a global scale.

What are your price plans?

Pricing depends on your data usage and the regions you will be using Broadcast SIM in. The more data you use, the cheaper your plan will be.

To find out how much Broadcast SIM will cost, use the contact us form or live chat to let us know how data you use per month and the regions you want to use Broadcast SIM. We can then give you pricing options available for your usage.